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Acupuncture, Herbology, Yoga, Massage

Invent Yourself at “Healing Dragon of the Woods”

Kang Ren Clinic and Retreat Centre is lovingly run by Dr. Willo Walker & Fiona Walker on peaceful Denman Island, in beautiful BC, Canada. Dr. Walker is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor (Master Acupuncturist) and Fiona is a Yoga Instructor & Holistic Massage Practitioner.

The translation for kang ren is compassionate healing dragon of the woodsCompassion is always helpful to a spiritual seeker, especially when inventing the right reality for realization. Healing in the fire of divine purification is dragon’s best tool for helping to balance our energetic systems. Wooded areas are long renowned for their ability to support spiritual growth and revelation. These are the qualities nurtured at Kang Ren.

The Walkers work with people of all ages, but have an especially good track record in helping find solutions for dealing with the most common ailments seniors face: Urinary tract health; joint mobility; sleep disorders; and chronic pain. Western people often associate acupuncture with the poke of a needle. Needles applied to the body are highly effective in moving stuck energy, but acupuncture isn’t just about needles. It may also be administered by laser, seeds, or by placing essential oils (such as rosemary and eucalyptus) on the skin with cotton swabs.

Dr. Walker has herbs in his collection that can help heal a broken bone in a fraction of the time it normally takes…  unthinkable in allopathic medicine but quite standard in TCM. Herbs can be taken as “raw herbal formulas”, which enable the consumer to make more of a connection with the dried  herbs, bark, roots, and berries that TCM healers have been using for millenia. Herbs can also be consumed as tasty instant teas.

Fiona’s yoga is a combination of trusted movement therapies, including Hatha, SomaYoga, and Kundalini, and always touches upon spiritual practice. SomaYoga is Somatic Yoga, which blends somatics (mind-body integration), Hatha yoga, and Raja yoga (Patanjali’s yoga). It is based on the principles of somatics, yoga, neuroscience (especially the somatic nervous system), applied psychophysiology, and psychology.

Being a teacher of holistic massage, as well as a massage practitioner, Fiona has a uniquely thorough understanding of healing through massage. Sessions include modalities of Esalen, Trager, and deep tissue massage, as well as the energy modalities of Pranic Healing, and Reiki. Click here for Fiona’s website.

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